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What's Pure Water?

Window Cleaning with Pure Water

Evans Window Cleaning uses a pure water system using a water fed pole. We get asked what we do to the water and what chemicals we use, there is a simple answer

Evans Window Cleaning uses a reverse osmosis system to purify water from the tap and remove all the useful stuff that we need including a the calcium carbonates and chlorine, which are perfectly safe  ( ). You see this every day if you look in your kettle or often on your kitchen/shower screen. This leaves pure water and if you ask us we can provide a demonstration of what this means.

This means we leave the windows wet and leave to dry naturally, leaving a streak and spot free finish - every times, we do provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We get asked can we clean in the rain another simple answer - Yes. However, if its raining too hard we normally reschedule as we don't like getting too wet!

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