What's Pure Water?

Window Cleaning with Pure Water

Evans Window Cleaning use a pure water system using a water fed pole. for all its regular customers We get asked what we do to the water and what chemicals we use, there is a simple answer - None

Evans Window Cleaning uses a reverse osmosis system to purify water from the tap and remove all the useful stuff that we need including a the calcium carbonates and chlorine, which are perfectly safe to drink and use ( ). You see this every day if you look in your kettle or often on your kitchen/shower screen, water in Gloucestershire is very hard. We "brew" our water at home using a purification system to get our water at Zero (this is the part per million of useful bits) and decant into the tank in our vehicle.

This means we leave the windows wet and leave to dry naturally, leaving a streak and spot free finish - every time, we do provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are also asked about difference between traditional and waterfed pole systems, is one better than the other? More and more window cleaners are changing to this type of system but a clean window, is just that - clean. We now use ladders less as we can safely clean windows from the ground.

We get asked can we clean in the rain another simple answer - Yes. However, if its raining too hard we normally reschedule as we don't like getting too wet! 

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